Aeromedical Training Institute

ETC helicopter training products extend from classroom and computer based systems, through basic and procedural trainers to type specific devices designed to comply with the full scope of civilian regulatory requirements. All ETC helicopter training devices benefit from having some degree of helicopter SD capability. Shouldn't you include spatial disorientation instruction in your helicopter training program?

SD Trainers

The GAT HELO, HELOFLIGHT SD and ADVANCED HELOFLIGHT SD represent ETC's specialty line of cost effective spatial disorientation helicopter trainers. Read More

Standard Training Devices

ETC's Basic Trainers are designed to make helicopter pilot training available to all aircrew in a cost effective way without compromising efficiency. Read More

Helicopter Pilot Selection

Identifies the most suitable helicopter pilots early in the helicopter pilot training program, reducing late program wash out and program costs. Read More

Helicopter Water Survival Systems

ETC offers two helicopter water survival trainers for the purpose of helicopter water survival training applications. Read More